By: Lauren Small @lauren_l_small *Excerpt from Where'd All My Fish Go “It’s the weekend baby!” A hometown radio legend, Stan Bell, would say that every Friday evening right before the weekend. I’m sure he got it from someone else, but I distinctly remember his voice whenever I hear the phrase. In a city like Atlanta,... Continue Reading →


Clown Fish

By: Lauren Small @lauren_l_small *excerpt from Where'd All My Fish Go “What happened to the friend you brought by the house the other day? He was cute,” Michelle asked with enthusiasm. “He said I was crazy and never wants to talk to me again,” I replied. The confused look on her face let me know... Continue Reading →

Eating is Hard Work

By: Lyn Patterson @poetryntings I’ve been in recovery for 15 years now a silent struggle I’ve endured when a huge part of your identity is being skinny and tragedy forces you to alternate reality the desperation will cause you to cause you harm at breakfast I force it down at lunch I feel guilt over indulgence... Continue Reading →

When Life Gives You Lemons…

By: Ciegi La'Priest @Ciegi.LaPriest We’ve all heard the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Hell, even Beyoncé has an album titled Lemonade. It’s the new wave—flip the script, boss up. Basically make shit shake with what you’ve got. The idea behind the concept is quite fascinating, and oftentimes, it can be motivating. But,... Continue Reading →

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